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TMR is an independently-run recruitment agency. Based in Melbourne, we have extensive experience across Australia and Europe within building services, engineering and IT sectors.

We hunt for top talent. We don't wait for it to come knocking. Like a predator circling it's catch - we hone in on the best. We tempt, we tease and we plant the seed. We kick arse and not lightly! This is what makes us stand out and why our customers keep coming back. But don't just take our word for it - click here to see our reviews.

Our non-prescriptive approach to today's ever-changing and dynamic recruitment world allows us to remain agile and adapt to the needs and requirements of our clients. With over 25 years living and breathing all things recruitment, we have worked on both the client and agency side - so we know most of the tricks of the trade and don't suffer fools gladly. We love a challenge and have developed our business to cover Recruitment, Headhunting and Consulting services and are here to assist with organisational growth and career advancement.

Job Seekers

Looking for your dream job? If you want to be an opera singer, a fighter pilot or a priest, then that's not our thing. We won't cover you in fairy dust and promise you the world. You'll get the truth and if we can't help you, we'll let you know. We love open and honest dialogue. your resume won't disappear down a black hole - if you've taken time to approach us, we will always acknowledge your efforts.

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Together we can achieve great things......

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