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In the recruitment world, a PAYG service works best when built on a strong foundation of communication and collaboration – combining the strategies of the recruiting company, with the direct needs of the client. By communicating your client needs expressly and directly, a PAYG model can help you to ensure you only receive – and pay for – the services you need, rather than investing in a large contract which you don’t utilise to its full extent. 


As a client, whenever you immerse yourself in the recruiting process it is because you are looking for new team members who will help bring your company vision and operations to life. You want dedicated individuals who possess the skills needed to do the job, and who will blend into your company culture seamlessly.


But what happens when you don’t need the full breadth of services? And what happens when you only need to make a hiring decision every once in a while, and don’t regularly require the services of a recruiting agency?


This is where the PAYG model comes into play – giving clients a contractual agreement to fall back on, whereby services are agreed upon and paid for on a case-by-case basis. 


Much like a lawyer charges by the hour, under this model - so do we. You, the client are in full control, and if you have the time and inclination to execute portions of the recruitment process yourself, that's great. We'll step in when and where you need us, and that's what you pay for. 


If you're recruitng, utilising TMR PAYG will save you $$$ against typical fees in the "traditional" model, without sacrificing quality service, or foregoing our expert help.


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