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Hunting of Heads – we target companies, we focus in on your competitors, (as long as they aren’t one of our clients) and we proactively approach successful individuals who have the potential to aspire to be a part of your organisation. We stir up the passive candidate market, dangling golden carrots to peak interest or a little curiosity from those who aren’t actively looking to move, domestically and internationally.

It doesn’t end with targeting the elite – we gather data and share. Knowledge is power! How are you perceived in the market? What’s going on with your competitors? Are they growing or shrinking?  What’s unique about them and how do they overcome obstacles around attracting new talent? Salary benchmarking - are you paying too little or too much?

Communication is key to the success of headhunting, the race for finding the best talent and responding quickly and professionally will give more chance of a win. If you know who you want, we’ll help you get them.

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