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Working on Your Groove

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If you came to this article looking for pro dance tips to use at your work Christmas shindig, we’re sorry to disappoint - the sprinkler and sideways shuffle will have to suffice.

By ‘groove’, we mean that feeling of being truly yourself, having ‘it’ together, and working towards what you want. We’re not talking about setting up some full-on New Years Resolution that we’ll forget about by February. But life gives us so many different roles like parent, employee and spouse we tend to lose the ‘us’ in being there for others. We lose sight of who we are, what we really want and what we need. 

Yes, we can take a holiday and spend time reading, sipping cocktails or craft beer and getting back in touch with ourselves, but when we come back all the same things are still there waiting… well, we hope you’ve not forgotten the kids at home, but you get the gist.

So what if we got working on our groove? Where do we start?


Step 1: Take Out the Trash 

We first need to clear out the garbage holding us back. By this we mean the emotional garbage we’re holding on to that’s affecting our future. It might be bitterness over someone who’s wronged you, frustration at a stagnant career, anger at a situation that you can’t resolve. These negative emotions can anchor us to the past, affect whether we take opportunities to move forward, and increase how many of those cocktails or craft beers we indulge in trying to escape the negativity. The key here is to muster all the grace you can, and let go of the negativity which is slowly poisoning your growth.


Step 2: Get Running Man 


The things we don’t do drain us more than the things we actually physically handle. For example, procrastinating on cleaning the garage (because seriously, who wants to!). The more we think about doing it and not taking the action to do it, the harder it is to get going. Procrastination drains our energy levels faster than my bank account on Black Friday, and eventually makes it even harder to get anything accomplished. Our subconscious starts accusing us of being lazy and after a while we really start to believe what our mind is telling us is true. We have to start taking baby steps to get back into action to feel better about ourselves. 


Step 3: Moonwalk Away

Another thing we have to consider is eliminating or distancing from people in our lives that don’t enhance our experience. While we can’t bar our over-involved mother-in-laws from family gatherings, setting a boundary that she can’t rock up on your date nights is healthy. Or simply saying ‘no’ to the neighbour asking to borrow a mower for the fifth time even though he keeps breaking it. Sometimes people have a tendency of taking our kindness for weakness. As long as you don’t set boundaries with these people they will keep on taking and not giving. We don’t have to do anything in life that we truly don’t want to do... except paying tax if you’re not Elon Musk. 


Step 4: Hustle

Once we’re moving forward, closer to that dream or goal, the rush is better than catching the ice cream truck just before it turns a corner. Little hustle moves add up to a big shift over time, so we need to ensure we’re planning and executing these on a regular basis.If we have a dream on hold or something we need to accomplish, then we need to set a certain amount of time either everyday or once a week to do a little of whatever steps need to be taken to get there.

Step 5: The Solo

Now is the time to give ourselves special attention and do what makes us happy. Make sure to drink water and get some sun, we’re basically houseplants with more complicated emotions.

Whether it’s a long shower singing out of tune to ACDC, reading a book on the couch, or taking a day trip to a favorite place, any small or large activity (or maybe no activity!) that feeds our happiness is important. 


We can’t just set ourselves on fire to keep others warm, because to be a truly good parent, employee or spouse, we need to be whole and stable people ourselves. So get working on your groove today, and reap the benefits in the future.

If part of working on your groove involves making a career change for better work life balance, book a free consultation with us or see our positions available.


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Apr 21, 2022

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