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Perks? What Perks?

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We’ve all seen the data, there are more jobs than candidates to fill them right now. 

Employers need to be offering significant benefits and perks to attract top talent and to retain their key personnel who might be thinking the grass is greener. As a result, more discussions are being held as to what employee benefits best fit the needs and lifestyle of workers in different industries and job roles. 

There are many options for employers to stand out from the crowded job market and attract ideal candidates, like:

  • Professional Development

  • Real Flexibility in working conditions

  • Career Path Options

  • Reward Programs

  • Health & Wellness Programs

  • Mental Health Support 

So what do these perks look like specifically? We’ve taken a bit of a deep dive into options our clients are offering their staff and candidates to bring you more detail. 


These Perks…

Professional Development

On the whole, employees value their career growth and development - which is something that is a huge benefit for the companies they work for. For example, one of our clients provides a budget of $5,000 to each employee every year for training, development and certification in their chosen specialties. As a result their workforce is highly skilled and loyal.

Providing the time allowances and footing the bill for employees to attend training seminars, workshops, and certification courses entices top talent to join a company and keeps staff motivated to stay and perform at their highest level, knowing the business is willing to invest in them.


Real Flexibility

Work-life balance and flexibility is now the number one factor with candidates in the job market, be it a preference to work from home, have flexible hours and/or time to volunteer or support a cause they care about. But many employers are touting ‘flexibility’ like a buzzword and not actually following through.

Truly flexible working arrangements are centred around each employee’s specific needs, tasks and duties. It could range from from 100% remote to one to two days per week in an office or even an office-hours-free environment. The key here for employers is to focus on results rather than the hours or location of the work completed. If an employee can get the required results working 100% remotely and volunteering at their local charity a few hours a week, why not!


Career Path Options

Some employees start out in a job on the bottom with hopes of advancement. Others may be working towards a better work/life balance by side-stepping or lateral movement. You may have an operational employee who has eyes on moving into sales to increase their income, or a salesperson who is interested in moving into accounts.

Whatever your employees' goals may be - you need to know what they are, discuss their goals at regular intervals as they evolve and actively work to assist them in achieving their version of success. Mapping out potential career paths and ways in which employees could be supported to achieve career growth, then following through on this, will guarantee a loyal workforce who perform at their best.


Recognition & Rewards Programs

It’s never been more important to recognise and reward employees for their contributions to the success of your business. Effective employee recognition programs help to attract and retain top talent, and ensure that employees feel valued, appreciated, and motivated to achieve company goals.

We have a client who offers a program that provides employees discounts on insurances, flights, hotel stays and travel packages. These discounts are standard, but additional vouchers are also used as employee rewards. Other options include periodically sending personalised gift baskets to remote workers or enacting a cloud-based kudos program (there are so many available!).


Health & Wellness Programs

Taking care of the mental well-being of employees is vital, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic sheds light on mental health and burnout. Companies need to start providing adequate mental health training and sessions both virtually and in person for all employees. There are many employee assistance programs (AEPs) that companies can offer their workforce who need support and a safe space to share and vent out emotions.

Helping employees take care of their mental health ensures they can work at their best and minimise the stress and burnout their work responsibilities put on. In addition, it strengthens the trust employees have for the company.


Mental Health Support

Since the pandemic shone a spotlight on mental health and burnout, it’s never been more vital to take considered and visible action to support employee mental health. Where your business can’t provide in-house opportunities to run workshops or train managers to assist, there are a vast array of employee assistance programs (EAPs) that can be offered to their workforce who need support and a safe space to share and vent out emotions. 

Supporting employees to take care of their mental health ensures they can work at their best and avoid burnout. It strengthens the trust and loyalty employees have for the company, as well as ensuring productivity and performance is at the ideal level. 


What’s next…

If you’re unsure what your business can offer to ensure you attract and retain top talent, contact us for support. We’ve consulted with our clients to successfully formulate perks for existing key staff, and to attract new talent. 

Don’t be left holding onto the past, join the future of work by expanding the benefits you provide to your employees and reap the rewards of higher productivity, solid retention and being the most attractive employer for top talent in your industry.

Perks? What Perks?
Apr 21, 2022

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