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My Predictions for Recruitment in 2021

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My Predictions for Recruitment in 2021


Let me start by making one thing completely clear. The global pandemic may have affected every single industry in one way or another, but it has not put a fundamental stop on recruitment. The media and the internet are both full of stories and opinion pieces that share concerns on job losses and a huge decline in recruitment, and while this may be the case in some specific industries, this is absolutely not the case across the entire job market. 

This leads pretty perfectly into my first prediction for 2021 – some industries are going to boom while others struggle to get back on their feet, and so for job hunters and recruiters this means sifting through the options and understanding that FLEXIBILITY is going to be up there with your most important attributes. In fact, you might as well put that at the very top of your CV and your LinkedIn profile if you want to really get somewhere – “I am flexible!” And if you can’t be open to the kind of job you’re looking for, you might as well just hide away and wait for 2022. 

2021 isn’t going to be easy for job hunters, but don’t they say that nothing good comes from an easy ride? 

Let’s take a closer look at what recruitment might look like in 2021 – and what we can do to make it work for us. 

For Recruiters: Be open to the needs of employees

Whether you work as a consultant recruiter across a wide client base, or as an internal recruiter for a specific company, one of the areas which is going to grow in importance and prominence in 2021 is the need to be flexible and realistic with regards to employee working hours and demands. 2020 has shown us that people can work from home, and – believe it or not – they can actually be productive in doing so. 2020 has also presented us with a huge shift in what employees look for in a good employer; namely identifying organisations and companies which understand their personal demands and make allowances that support workers in achieving a work-life balance. 

For Job Hunters: Consider and make use of your other skills 

2020 has taught us that working from home can be combined with office working for a more productive environment that is conducive to modern day lifestyles and demands. By showing a potential employer or recruitment that you have other skills outside of your professional remit, you will be giving them an insight into how you can help and support your colleagues as well as perform the role well. These could be people skills honed by volunteer opportunities, technology understandings that can benefit your ability to do the job, and problem solving skills which can be used across different departments. 

For Recruiters: Consider automation

One of the biggest trends that I see growing traction in 2021 is the rise of automated interviewee and candidate communication and management, with several platforms existing which reduce the need for manual labour and instead ensure that candidates receive messaging which aligns with the company culture, and partake in online and virtual interview tasks which can be managed centrally. This helps the recruitment process become more seamless while using less manpower and will ensure that the best candidate is highlighted for any specific job. 

As we progress into 2021, the more we can make technology work for us, no matter what industry we are in, the better equipped we will be to deal with a world which is moving more and more online. 

For Job Hunters: Pay attention to employee reviews and brand reputation

We all use social media and online platforms to review everything from new products to holiday destinations – so why not jobs too? There are already a number of sites out there which are dedicated to compiling employee reviews of various companies and organisations, providing future potential employees and job hunters with tips and tricks to navigating everything from complex applications to toxic working cultures. 

These sites can be a really great resource for those seeking a new job, and I predict that they will become even more important moving into 2021 as employers use social media and review sites as an opportunity to share their brand values and benefits to potential applicants. 

For Recruiters: Be aware that the above is going on!

These review sites we touched on in the above point can be a great way to showcase your company values and benefits – but one bad review can do huge damage to your reputation. Know that these sites exist, understand where you stand on them, and make sure that everything you do as part of the recruitment process is being accurately represented.

For Everyone: Don’t be afraid to hit the big questions early

How much is the pay?

What are the benefits of working for this company?

How much holiday allowance do employees get?

Is there any opportunity for progression in this role?

Is there a potential chance for flexible working?

All of these are questions that I see being skated around and touched on lightly in interviews and even later in the recruitment process, with both recruiters and employees avoiding touching on them directly. Well, if you ask me, 2021 is going to be the year when we finally step up and ask the questions that mean the most to us. 

If there is anything that this year has taught us, it’s that employees are finally recognising their worth and the value of a good work-life balance. Meanwhile, employers are learning that their team don’t all have to be grouped around a single table in order to have productive conversations. 

2020 has been the year when we were forced to be flexible. 2021 is the year where we can make a decision around how to progress – and I believe that this progression will move in the same way, with flexibility at the heart of the recruitment process. 


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