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How to Improve Your Leadership

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Great leadership is the key to success, great communication is the key to great leadership. 

Think of any of our well-known leaders: Bob Hawke, John Howard and the iconic Sir Donald Bradman, spring to mind. Their leadership was powerful because they could inspire people not only to believe in them, but to follow them. It was their ability to articulate their vision that made them successful in achieving their goals, as well as widely memorable. When Nelson Mandela was released from jail after 27 years one of his first questions was: "Is Don Bradman still alive?".

In your organisation, you need to be the leader who inspires the team to great heights. To get them to follow you, make sure they are listening to your values ​​and visions, then set the right environment for them to thrive and grow.


When we mention values, everyone nods their heads as if of course, yeah, that’s obvious. 

But if you dig deeper, often the last time values – personal and professional – were discussed with their team was in the interview before those people were even hired. Even worse, quite often the values discussed were inconsistent or not aligned with the daily operations of the organisation making them not suitable for your company’s career opportunities. You must clearly know your personal values and your organisation values to lead effectively. For example, do the answers to these questions come readily to mind?


  1. What do you stand for?

  2. What is most important to you?

  3. What would you like your life to demonstrate?

  4. What is your personal mission in life?


  1. What do you stand for?

  2. What are you willing to do to get new business?

  3. What are you not willing to do?

  4. Do you have a professional mission statement?

‘Quality leaders don’t change their values over time or to achieve short-term success.’ Consistent, structured, core organisational value systems form the strong foundation for long-term success. A simple definition is: your values are the rules by which you play the game. A well-defined value system makes all decisions easier and encourages your team to go where you lead, with clarity and confidence. 


It’s easy to say you have a vision for your business. It’s your lifeblood. You know it inside out. 

Writing it down is the next step. Sharing it widely with your team is imperative too. Even more importantly, your vision for the business must provide a unifying picture so that everyone on the team – regardless of job function – can see exactly where you’re going and the importance of their role in getting there. Therefore, the clearer the concept and the clearer (i.e., short and simple) the message is, the more likely you, and your team, can achieve the goal. Your vision needs to answer three questions. And it must answer those three questions for everyone on the team.

  1. What do we do?

  2. How do we do it

  3. For whom do we do it?

As Jim Collins proved in his book, From Good to Great, this is not a 30 minute, one meeting exercise. This requires 100% participation. It can’t be a top-down decision, it must be iterative and inclusive.


Andrew Carnegie said: “You must capture and keep the heart of the original and supremely able man before his brain can do its best.” When you understand what is at the core of your team members, you can serve them and allow them to reach their full potential. Value their uniqueness. Your team members are your internal customers. You must treat them at least as well as your external customers. This is the highest level of customer service.

Shape the right work environment and you’ll have loyal team members to lead. That means, you have to create a work environment that respects each person, appreciates them and rewards their effort, and encourages an openness to change. Make it a safe environment, one which encourages trying new ideas. When you unleash personal creativity, each team member has a stake in the outcome. It’s an environment that promotes growth at all levels. 

Combine all three elements we’ve described and you have a formula for inspiring greatness that could lead to breakthrough success. Don’t hesitate, get to it! Trust us at TMR Recruitment we can help strengthen the leadership skills you already have & help you develop your ideal dream team.

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Apr 21, 2022

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