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5 top tech jobs to look out for in 2021

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2019 to current - has been an unpredictable two years for the technology industry, that’s for sure. Thanks to the disruptions of COVID-19, many businesses were forced to enter the online landscape and review their technology objectives and strategies overnight in order to be able to operate remotely. 

However, it wasn’t just the details of ‘how’ and ‘where’ employees were needed to work that was extremely altered. It was within a few short months - the way customers started to browse/purchase products and services is what really started to alter. New attitudes towards brands were on the rise. A big shift in consumer behaviour brought on by the pandemic has forced companies to have to completely rethink their entire online strategy. This would include the need to use technology, data and analytics. 

These attitudes and environmental changes have shifted consumers to rely heavily on online technology for communication in 2021, which in these times is crucial for business growth due to the climate we are currently in.

So, what are the five most in-demand tech sectors or jobs to consider for 2021?

  1. Cloud Solutions

So many businesses across all industries have widely migrated to cloud solutions in the last two years to allow for fluid working – Did you know that 82% of global IT leaders have increased their use of cloud as a result of the coronavirus? Thanks to these stats, we can expect cloud engineers and cloud architects to be among the top 5 tech jobs in 2021. Predictions indicate that this is a hot area to be working in as supply will be limited and demand in this area will be critical.

  1. Data Science

This is all about analysing and interpreting composite data to help organisations make better, more informed and timely decisions. Data Scientists have the necessary skillset and experience required for a strong understanding of machine learning algorithms, data models, and the ability to pick out business issues and address them with suitable solutions. 

Let’s look at a ‘real life’ example brought on by COVID-19 that will prove to businesses that data science is a valuable tool for business growth and why you need it. When looking at COVID-19 restrictions, the closure of many gyms worldwide was forced to close under government restrictions. With this, we then see a huge increase in people buying smart devices to track their health while working out at home. 2021 sees consumers placing higher reliance in our smart phones, tv’s and devices, which means even more organisations have more data available to them for trends at the palm of their hands. This includes usage, demographics, etc. It takes a special kind of skillset to be able to analyse this type of data. 

Drum roll please… this is why you should consider being a Data Scientist or Data Analyst if you are looking for your next career move, these are proving to be future-proof careers and definitely have made it into our top 5 tech jobs to consider in 2021.

  1. Cybersecurity

Surely, you know what Cybersecurity is? It is a top priority among many CEOs and businesses today. The annual cost of cybercrime is set to hit $6 trillion by 2021. Cybercrime is promoting a sharp increase in cybersecurity for many companies in order to help protect themselves and they can only do this - by hiring only the best talent who are highly skilled in this arena.

It is predicted that there will be a challenge to fill all of the new vacancies expected to grow within this industry, as an estimated 3.1 million professionals will be required within the next 12 months to bridge the global cybersecurity talent gap. That is huge!

Because of this, cybersecurity will account for many of the fastest growing tech jobs for professionals in 2021. This includes: Security Operations, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Identity and Privileged Access Management, Cloud Security and Architecture. (As teams expand, jobs will too in demand which will include leadership roles as Chief or Manager of Information Security).

  1. DevOps

What’s DevOps? It is the combination of cultural attitudes, practices and tools to increase a businesses’ ability to deliver successful applications and services at high speed. So, what roles within DevOps are proving to be in popular demand for organisations in 2021? DevOps Engineers who can work with software production and code releases to locate areas of inefficiency in particular software are a in demand. This role includes troubleshooting, monitoring software, reconfiguring or editing software also, if required. The importance of DevOps certainly won’t change in 2021 and is definitely here to stay – a DevOps team is popular for many organisations today. There has also been a 40-45% growth in the market over the last 5 years, with the DevOps field predicted to rise even higher.

  1. Software Development 

Let’s cut the BS. Organisations realistically need to adapt to constantly changing markets and the need to have developers on your team to create new products, tools and services – is essential. 

Back-end Developers: These guys can build heavier tech!

Front-end Developers: including UX experience, they can make sure any product that’s built has ease of use, and can transition through both the design and building processes.

These developers working for tech organisations – provide essential products, services and tools that consumers will always need in this new digital world, so you bet that developers will be in high demand. 


How about Zoom? this is a great example – Zoom has absolutely boomed during the course of the pandemic, users flocked to the application as it was a vital communications tool for businesses during COVID-19. Sales rocketed and profits increased for Zoom during this time.

Software Developers aren’t just the key for tech companies to operate. Every business in every industry relies on tech to function, that is just the reality of today’s world. Uber as another example, relies on tech to enhance the users experience with real time tracking. It’s this type of tech that will continue well and truly after 2021 and is definitely a role that has made it into our top 5 tech roles list. The reason? It’s obvious that these software development roles will be crucial in the growth of organisations, the growth of innovation and their ability to problem solve will be tested with the many new issues that will continue to arise during this pandemic.

We need to learn to adapt to environmental changes and invest in future-proof careers, you would be smart to jump into tech – as it is the fastest-growing industry to date.

Our tech job market is not the only industry to have suffered the effects of COVID-19, the Australian workforce as a whole has been hit very hard. In order for businesses to thrive in such an environment they must be prepared to have all of these tech areas ticked off their business lists and ensure to include this in their overall business plan.

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