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5 steps to un-ghost yourself & land your ideal candidate

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You can feel it…

This job applicants’ profile is perfect for the role you’ve just advertised. 

The first meeting you have with them face-to-face and you both have hit it off, right out of the park. This applicant is ticking off all the boxes you have mentally prepared for this interview and let’s be honest… you needed this role filled – like yesterday. 

Everything appears to be in order for your next top recruit. 

However, since the interview… you haven’t heard a single thing from your applicant even after the several messages and calls you have left them on their phone and email. What’s this BS?!

This would be the wonderful and frustrating world of 2021, where candidate ‘ghosting’ is an actual thing. In the dating arena, you would have heard the term “ghosting” loosely thrown around – this term describes the act of a person abruptly cutting off all contact with a person who then chooses to “vanish” from all existence and give absolutely zero explanation for their actions. Ghosting also proves to be popular in a professional context, within the recruitment process. Did you know that candidates after job interviews are never heard from again? This is outlined in a recent report conducted by LinkedIn, where 95% of experienced recruiters have had candidates disappear straight after a job interview.

Here, we will explore how to avoid being ghosted during the hiring process – but first, you must be open to understanding this trend. So why are jobseekers ghosting employers?

The rise of professional ghosting is trending quicker than your latest phone update, to put it simply, its on the rise due to many of today’s job searchers now preferring to avoid any confrontation or awkwardness delivered with any bad recruitment news – PLUS - it seems this could be a little bit of payback… As previously, hiring managers have been known to ghost candidates after their interviews and it used to be the other way around.

Let’s get real. The main reason is because workers simply have more choices today. In our current job market, managers are struggling to fill job spots while applicants with degrees behind them often have multiple job offers at once. The more options, the merrier for candidates as they simply may not care if they don’t get back to you because of the multiple options they have right in front of them. Let’s not forget – this is mostly true among entry-level positions with lower wages.

Workers care about corporate culture when seeking employment. If an applicant feels that your company’s values don’t align with their preferences – they might just stop communicating with you completely and focus on their other potential career opportunities instead which are more in-line with their preferences.

5 steps to un-ghost yourself & land your ideal candidate

Don’t just sit there and roll your eyes. The good news? You can take the 5 below steps to reduce your chances of being ghosted by jobseekers and get them calling you back in the future as your ideal candidate.

Step One: Your hiring process needs a revamp

Don’t forget that other employers are more than likely wooing your dream applicants away from you, so you need to make your move and you need to do it - quick smart. To do this you need to interview your top candidates right away rather than waiting for a mass to apply for the position before you start interviewing them all for the role.

Step Two: Don’t forget the Golden Rule

The best thing about ghosting is that it works both ways. No one likes to be ghosted, so when you treat them with respect (just like the old saying “treat those the way you would like to be treated”) it really does pay off. If you show respect, your company will gain a positive reputation for being considerate and professional. Make it obvious to your candidates that you respect them by communicating promptly at all times to them throughout the hiring process – this includes not just the ones you’re interested in hiring. Word of mouth is still one of the best forms of marketing tools today, so people will talk when it comes to companies’ recruitment processes and their experiences, it’s just natural for them to do so. Stay ahead of this.

Step Three: Time to offer up the goods

Now more than ever, we face low unemployment rates – the luxury of low balling the salary, even if you’re willing to negotiate it higher later on down the track – isn’t realistic anymore for potential candidates. They want the sprinkles, the perks, the large fries with that. This could be a sign-on bonus as an example, and you know that this would definitely sweeten the deal.

Step Four: Let’s spice up your forms of communication

Its nothing new when we see some millennials and Gen Z’s in the workplace not checking their emails often, instead they would prefer to take a phone call from an unknown number. Go figure?! But this information is important.

If you are having trouble reaching interviewees who could be in either generation, then it’s time get with the program and understand your audience – send them an SMS instead. Watch and wait for the response.

Step Five: Get crafty! Encourage a response from your interviewees.

Win them back with persuasive language. The more personal the communication – the better. So, consider mentioning what you admire about their skills and how valuable they would be as an addition to your team. 

PRO TIP: Don’t forget to end your message to your interviewee with specific next steps – such as a follow up meeting to discuss the job offer and a potential start date with the successful applicant.

Overall, you can un-ghost yourself and land your ideal candidate by making sure that as long as skilled candidates have the upper hand, you can run the risk of getting ghosted yourself. Being realistic is key. Treating jobseekers fairly and with respect is the aim of the game and then hopefully that candidate will have the common decency to do the same back for you.


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Apr 21, 2022

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