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Amidst, dare I say it, ‘the great reshuffle’ it seems that many in the workforce are considering sending their ‘adios’ emails and changing jobs. 

Recent research conducted for SEEK revealed 31% of Australian workers are looking to move jobs in the next 6 months, citing four main reasons for their potential move:

  1. Career progression (44%)
  2. More money (42%)
  3. Poor leadershi


We’ve all seen the data, there are more jobs than candidates to fill them right now. 

Employers need to be offering significant benefits and perks to attract top talent and to retain their key personnel who might be thinking the grass is greener. As a result, more discussions are being held as to what employee benefits best fit the needs and lifestyle of worker


Many businesses are taking up the use of employee monitoring software to gain insights into how their workforce operates, particularly with a hybrid or full time work-from-home team.

The arguments for using these programs range from ‘increasing productivity by using data to manage tasks’ to ‘making sure employees aren’t being overworked’, and everything in between. Th


Thomas Edison has a reputation that few people in history have, being a household name around the world many decades after his lifetime. A prolific inventor and entrepreneur, Edison’s work still widely impacts most people to this day. 

What were the secrets to his incredible success? One key is that he had a large and talented staff working in his research labs over the years. He couldn


Australia’s economic success as a country before the pandemic was heavily reliant on skilled worker migration. More than 100,000 skilled migrants arrived on our shores annually, half of whom were permanent arrivals. Overseas migration accounted for 57% of Australia’s population growth, and more than 20% of the increase in the economy’s productive capacity, estimated at $172b, for


While telling the truth is aspirational, the reality is that everyone tells lies. Plenty of people would say that only an idiot would say ‘Yes’ when asked ‘Do I look fat in this ?’, so the line between truths and lies is not always so straightforward. 

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has conservatively estimated that 25% of people have lied on thei


We’re in a candidate-driven job market right now. Both the hard data and widespread anecdotal evidence is confirming it. 

A candidate-driven market is often something that isn’t always recognised by employers until they lose a bunch of staff or have to recruit. Then they’re hit head-on by the reality check from hell when they can’t retain staff, find a decent candidate


It appears The Great Resignation is upon us, with many of us looking for greener pastures in our work lives after a tough couple of years. 

So now we’re out applying for jobs, perhaps a recruiter contacted us directly, or we’ve been casually browsing and finally decided to take the plunge deep into job hunting. 

There’s a job that really floats our boat with all the per


There are a number of really standardised personality traits that employers are looking for, and often candidates will match those traits - but the perception of what those traits will translate to in the job can be hugely different.

Using a standardised set of traits as a ‘wish list’ for an ideal candidate can potentially result in huge issues within the business, not to mention the c


If you came to this article looking for pro dance tips to use at your work Christmas shindig, we’re sorry to disappoint - the sprinkler and sideways shuffle will have to suffice.

By ‘groove’, we mean that feeling of being truly yourself, having ‘it’ together, and working towards what you want. We’re not talking about setting up some full-on New Years Resolution


There is a surge of evidence that the pandemic has shifted our collective attitudes, values and way of life. One of the biggest emerging shifts globally relates to what we individually deem valuable in our lives. Many employees feel like they have spent years on a hamster wheel, so are now exploring where their work fits within their lives as a whole.

In recruitment, we’ve seen the biggest s


With a worldwide pandemic kicking our collective butts in 2020, the new decade has been filled not just with conversations about our way of life, health and prosperity, but about the effect on our working futures as well. We've adapted to new technologies quicker than we might have envisioned. We've embraced remote working, with some of us becoming quite accustomed to wearing activewear on the daily


How to practice self-care when you hate the idea of self-care.

We’re all working hard, these days often with little regard for our own needs because we’re working from home or have reduced paid hours but we’re still smashing out more than we usually would, while schooling our kids from home, and navigating this new world where we’ve been solely focused on surviving. 



Entrepreneur Tim O’Leary takes a refreshing look at the different personalities we encounter and how to handle them in his book - Warriors, Workers, Whiners, and Weasels: The 4 Personality Types in Business and How to Manage Them to Your Advantage, and we’re fans. O’Leary proposes that essentially everyone fits into one of four personality groups – Warrior, Worker, Whiner,


The world has changed, and it seems it’s not for the better. On top of the uncertainty and stress the pandemic has caused, people are stuck at home with the same people, doing the same thing day after day. It’s making people quick to anger, more likely to be rude and even turning some usually lovely people mean.

Whilst everyone is probably experiencing this shift, as recruiters we&rsqu


People don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad bosses. Often managers are looking for maximum productivity, efficiency and profitability. Strategies for achieving these outcomes might include cost-cutting, pushing current employees by setting higher expectations or turning to tech to maximise their resources. 

The problem is that all of these strategies overlook the engine of what is the b


As much as we like to think that Australia is a modern, progressive country, the reality is that the gender gap in trades jobs has not had any significant change since the 1980’s. Only 2% of trades roles in Australia are undertaken by women, despite at least 57 of those male-dominated roles being recognised as “skills in short supply”. 

We are also seeing the gender pay gap


2019 to current - has been an unpredictable two years for the technology industry, that’s for sure. Thanks to the disruptions of COVID-19, many businesses were forced to enter the online landscape and review their technology objectives and strategies overnight in order to be able to operate remotely. 

However, it wasn’t just the details of ‘how’ and ‘where&rsquo


You can feel it…

This job applicants’ profile is perfect for the role you’ve just advertised. 

The first meeting you have with them face-to-face and you both have hit it off, right out of the park. This applicant is ticking off all the boxes you have mentally prepared for this interview and let’s be honest… you needed this role filled – like yesterday.&n


As the recruiting partner for a number of companies big and small, our job is to match great candidates with their perfect role and fill a host of vacancies across our range of clients. It is also part of our job to manage expectations and constantly review the marketplace on behalf of our clients – identifying where demand is high and determining the best course of action for roles and indu


It’s easy to calm down quickly. No matter what is happening around us, we never have to become trapped in #stress or #anxiety. It’s important to learn how to calm down quickly, as negative emotions can easily become addictive. The longer we hold onto them, the harder it can be to let go. Zen offers many pathways to becoming free of negativity. This article is based upon Zen principles


What’s the deal with all this personal growth and self-development business? Should we take notice or is it all BS?

Charles Atlas, who earned himself the title as the ‘the world’s most perfectly developed man’, had this to say: “Truest SUCCESS is but the development of self.”

It’s so easy to treat personal development as ‘optional’ and so few


How many times have you heard someone proclaim, “The doctor says it’s stress.”? 

We occasionally laugh it off, concluding that’s just what doctors say when they don’t know the real answer or diagnosis. The truth is that too much stress plays a role in many diseases, relationship breakdowns and is a large barrier in our pursuit of happiness.

We’ve put toget


Great leadership is the key to success, great communication is the key to great leadership. 

Think of any of our well-known leaders: Bob Hawke, John Howard and the iconic Sir Donald Bradman, spring to mind. Their leadership was powerful because they could inspire people not only to believe in them, but to follow them. It was their ability to articulate their vision that made them successful


Recruitment has long been a brutal world of expectation and the harshest of realities. From the very first touchpoint of a job advert, through to candidate selection, interviews, and feedback emails, as a recruitment agency our job is and always has been to manage expectations for both parties, and ultimately deliver the best clients to the right job roles for them.

With that said, why is it that

PAYG, or ‘Pay As You Go’ as it’s known in full, is a concept which stretches across a multitude of industries and refers to the act of paying for a service or product as it is used rather than in advance or via a long term contract. In the recruitment world, a PAYG service works best when built on a strong foundation of communication and collaboration – combining the strate

Is the eight-hour workday over? 

This article is one which discusses and presents two different arguments.

Firstly, has the eight-hour workday run its course?

Secondly, is there any weight behind the concept of a five-hour workday being more productive and better for employee retention?

This two-pronged argument is one which has been around for a number of years, as more businesses and organi


Backdooring Candidates - Bad Form! 

We’ve all been there. 

You pick up the phone to yet another enquiry and proposal from a client, only to remember that they haven’t yet finalised or paid the commission due from a previous hire; or that they never actually got back to you regarding the final selection of a candidate. 

In the world of recruitment, unfortunately both clie


How not to behave when you’re looking for a new job!

All too often we see and hear of candidates who believe that, because they are the ones looking for the job, they have the right to make demands of their recruiter and display poor etiquette when it comes to responding to interview requests, providing cover letters, and checking in on their progress.

As a recruiter ourselves, we are here t


10 things we hate about Recruitment Agencies


Today we’re talking recruitment agencies – and yes, before you say, “but aren’t you a recruitment agency too?”, the answer is YES. But that doesn’t mean we have to like them.

(After all, do you think prison wardens like prison? Exactly.)

Is there any industry that is more pushy, more annoying, and more frustrat


Back in 2019, it was reported that the Australian and New Zealand HVAC industry would reach a total value of $3 billion by 2022. As we move into 2021, having been through a year of huge challenges for most industries due to the COVID-19 pandemic, changing the way that customers interact with businesses, and completely flipping the void between work and home life on its head, is the HVAC industry o


What will you be taking out of 2020?

Perhaps you’re looking at a move into 2021 complete with a whole new working wardrobe of pyjamas and slippers, and a few extra “comfort food” pounds. Maybe you’re one of those committed individuals we saw on TV segments and on the news, getting up and about for early morning and lunchtime workouts.

For us, it’s not so much about wh


My Predictions for Recruitment in 2021


Let me start by making one thing completely clear. The global pandemic may have affected every single industry in one way or another, but it has not put a fundamental stop on recruitment. The media and the internet are both full of stories and opinion pieces that share concerns on job losses and a huge decline in recruitment, and while this may be the


Hiring doesn’t get any easier! Many of those involved with internal recruitment find themselves stuck in endless loops of hiring and onboarding new staff, with no real check on attrition rates. Besides a volatile hiring landscape, finding the best person for the job remains the key challenge. This is where Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) makes a case for itself.

For an efficient and ef

Perks? What Perks?
Apr 21, 2022

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